I familiarize myself with the Entrepreneurship program

This section will familiarize you with the Entrepreneurship program and prepare you to teach it. You will find information on program-related targets, competencies, evaluation criteria, planning, classroom dynamics, the roles of the teacher and students, classroom organization, etc.  In addition, various tools and advice are available to help you begin the year on a good footing.

Entrepreneurship program

Links to the Entrepreneurship program will familiarize you with the program content. In addition, a brochure describing the program is available.

Entrepreneurship program

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  • Aim and objective of the program (Program, p. 1)
  • Two-credit and the four-credit courses (Program, p. 2)
  • How the competencies work together (Program, pp. 2-3)
  • Relationship between the entrepreneurial profile and the type of involvement (Program, p. 4)
  • Connections with the broad areas of learning (Program, pp. 5-6)
  • Connections with the cross-curricular competencies (Program, pp. 6-7)
  • Connections with Career Development programs (Program, p. 8)
  • Connections with the guidance-oriented approach to learning (Program, p. 9)
  • Program content (Program, pp. 22-25)
  • Webography (Program appendix)
  • Brochure (PDF)

Classroom organization and pedagogical context

Here you will find relevant information and tools that you can use to organize your classroom and your entrepreneurial projects.

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Meaningful, Open-Ended and Complex Learning and Evaluation Situations

These situations contain activities, experiences and projects as well as various tools designed to foster competency development among students.

Links to the program provide you with guidelines for developing learning and evaluation situations (LES).

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  • Developing an LES (Program, pp.12-13)
  • Competency development tables (Program, pp. 16-17 and 20-21)