I familiarize myself with entrepreneurship

This section is designed to further acquaint you with the Entrepreneurship program by presenting the concepts associated with the competencies, Determines his/her suitability for entrepreneurship and Implements an entrepreneurial project. It will help you to master the vocabulary of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture: entrepreneurial profile, types of involvement, entrepreneurial spirit, etc. In addition, the explanations come with suggestions for activities to give you a better understanding of the concepts.

Entrepreneurship program

Links to the Entrepreneurship program to familiarize yourself with the program content.

Entrepreneurship program

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  • Introduction to the program (Program, p. 1)
  • Relationship between the entrepreneurial profile and the type of involvement (Program, p. 4)
  • Elements of the student’s immediate context (Program, p. 25)
  • Elements of the immediate community (Program, p. 25)
  • Cultural references (Program, p. 25)

Classroom organization and pedagogical context

Here you will find relevant information and tools that you can use to organize your classroom and your entrepreneurial projects.

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  • LES 1 Teacher’s Guide (.doc) (PDF)

Meaningful, Open-Ended and Complex Learning and Evaluation Situations

Suggested activities and tools are available here, some of which are taken from two learning and evaluation situations (available unabridged under sections 2 and 5). Graphic organizers are also included. Here you will find a variety of information on how to use them. All of these activities, tools and graphic organizers facilitate the development of the two competencies while helping to plan learning content appropriate for your students. These elements are associated with the learning and evaluation situation. Please note that it may not be possible to find elements relating to every phase of the process.

Learning & Evaluation Process

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  • Find someone who . . . (.doc, PDF p. 9)
  • The entrepreneurial spirit  (.doc, PDF p. 3)
  • Enterprising individuals (.doc, PDF, p. 8)
  • Resumé of expertise (.doc, PDF, p. 13)
  • Entrepreneurial qualities (.docPDF, p. 10)
  • Wall of expertise (.doc, PDF p. 11)
  • Types of involvement (.doc, PDF, p. 7)


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  • Meaning of the word “entrepreneurship” (.docPDF, p. 7)
  • EN-GO – Compare and contrast (.doc) (PDF)
  • Discovering entrepreneurial qualities (.doc, PDF, p. 8)


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  • LES 1 Student’s logbook (.doc) (PDF)
  • LES 1 Action plan (.doc) (PDF)
  • LES 1 Appendixes (.doc) (PDF)