I support my students in assessing their projects

This section guides the process of taking stock of one’s entrepreneurial projects. The students are asked to consider what they have done based on the entrepreneurial indicators formulated at the start of their project. They must keep records in order to explain their results in relation to the two competencies. Afterwards, the students discuss their projects with their peers and compare their respective entrepreneurial profiles. These discussions can provide insights to help them apply what they have learned to a future project.

Drawing from their individual experiences, the students are encouraged to take stock of the development of their entrepreneurial profile and type of involvement.

Entrepreneurship program

Links to the program provide you with an opportunity to familiarize yourself with its content.

Entrepreneurship program

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  • Evaluation Adapted to Students (Program, p. 13)
  • Competency 1 (Program, pp. 14-17)
  • Competency 2 (Program, pp. 18-21)
  • Entrepreneurial indicators (Program, pp. 18-21)

Classroom organization and pedagogical context

Here you will find relevant information and tools that you can use to organize your classroom and your entrepreneurial projects.

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Curious, methodical, thoughtful students (Program, p.10)

Meaningful, Open-Ended and Complex Learning and Evaluation Situations

Activities and tools, some taken from two learning and evaluation situations (available unabridged under sections 2 and 5), are suggested. Graphic organizers are also included. Here you will find a variety of information on how to use them. All of these activities, tools and graphic organizers facilitate the development of the two competencies while helping in the planning of learning content appropriate for your students. These elements are associated with the learning and evaluation situation. Please note that it may not be possible to find elements relating to every phase of the process.


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  • EN-GO – An Informed Opinion (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO – Thinking It Through (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO – Reflecting on Achieving My Goals (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO – Reflecting on My Project Process (strategies) (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO – Reflecting on My Project Process (resources) (.doc) (PDF)


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  • EN-GO – Taking stock (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO – Evaluating My Progress (.doc) (PDF)
  • EN-GO –How Does It Measure Up? (.doc) (PDF)
  • Project evaluation (.doc, PDF p. 19)
  • Project timeline (.doc) (PDF)
  • Personal report (.doc, PDF p. 22)